Six reasons why Citric Blend is a bar’s best friend.


Citric Blend reduces your beverage costs and frees you from the unpredictable cost of pricey lemons and limes.


In a few easy steps you can have all the sour you need for your cocktails. Say goodbye to daily press marathons and enjoy more time to focus on what really matters.


Citric Blend eliminates the need for importing citrus fruits form halfway across the globe, reducing your environmental impact. By adding tap water to our pre- made sour mix, we minimize the transportation of water and keep our environmental footprint small.


We’ll never let you down. Every bottle of Citric Blend contains the same level of acidity you can rely on, something you cannot say about fresh lemons and limes.


The shelf life of Citric Blend is impressive. Even when opened and diluted with water, it remains stable and can be stored outside the fridge for months. Freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice, on the other hand, goes off after only two days.


Go beyond the classic and dazzle your guests with pristine, crystal clear cocktails made with Citric Blend. How cool is that!